SHAYP REAL ESTATE – Water monitoring | Leak detection | Water damage risk management

Discover our leak management application to control your water consumption.

  • PRO INSTALLATION: Order the box and install the sensor directly on to your water meter.
  • CONTROL YOUR BUILDING CONSUMPTION IN REAL TIME: Monitor your buildings. Get immediate insights on water consumption.
  • ALERT IN CASE OF LEAK: Configure leak alerts on certain buildings. Reduce the risk of water damage. Be alerted as soon as a leak is detected.
  • BATERY POWERED: No need for AC power plug next to your water meter. Just get the device with 10 year battery included.
  • PRECISION AND ACCURACY: Our solution offers the most affordable solution to track your water consumption with high precision data rate. With 240 data-points per day.
  • ABOUT SHAYP: Made in Belgium, Shayp is partnering with the best engineers worldwide to provide you with a trustful solution to tackle water loss.
For single home and apartments see our product here.

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  • Shayp Router Warranty 89€
  • Web & Mobile App
  • Email & SMS Leak Alerts
  • Pro Installation 125€
  • In App Chat Assistance
  • Pro Leak Manager (Unlimited)
  • User admin config
  • API access

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1 Year, Lifetime