Our partners

OkDo offers a maintenance and repair service for collective buildings in Belgium. Its area of intervention and its value proposition are exemplary and have seduced Shayp.

Since January 2020, OkDo has become a reseller partner of the Shayp product. With its curative maintenance offer, OkDo is an ideal partner for Shayp, which offers preventive maintenance of buildings (detection of water leaks in real time).

Types of buildings maintained by OkDo: hospitals, offices, schools, buildings, warehouses,…

OkDo’s wish was to broaden its offer of solutions for water leak detection by proposing a technology that acts upstream. Shayp!

Thanks to this new collaboration, OkDo offers an efficient and low-cost solution that allows you to put your buildings under surveillance and to intervene as soon as a leak appears. Shayp makes your meter smart, OkDo brings the curative solution.

Géry Dohmen, CEO of OkDo

FullUp is a reseller partner of Shayp since December 2019.

FullUp is specialized in the management of fuel oil expenses by placing connected gauges on tanks. These connected objects allow consumers to avoid breakdowns and control their consumption. The connected object is also used to fill the information gap between supplier and consumer and, when deployed on a large scale, enables delivery routes to be optimized. This ensures that the oil tank is always filled on time and efficiently!

In this context, FullUp’s mission is perfectly in line with Shayp’s strategy to always be one step ahead in sharing crucial information, such as the detection of a water leak!

Thanks to this new collaboration, consumers can quickly have access to two distinct but complementary technologies for better energy management and a positive environmental impact.

Catherine de Viron, CEO & co-founder of FullUp