Student housing

You own one or more shared apartments and want to be kept informed of your tenants’ water consumption?

Students who live in shared apartments have a very different agenda from yours, and care little or rarely know their water consumption. Often, water charges are included in the overall rental of their flatshare. In the event of a water leak, it can be a very unpleasant surprise when you, the owner, receive the annual invoice!

The Shayp app not only allows you to monitor your tenants’ water consumption in real time but also alerts you via SMS when a water leak appears in one of your shared apartments (drip, leaking toilet flush, tap open,…).
If you have a building with several apartments for students, you have the possibility to install Shayp on the general water meter and on the flow meters of each apartment.

Multi-residential buildings

Water damage is 6 times more likely than fire. This is one of the hauntings of insurers and individuals. Water leaks can significantly increase the water bill and cause significant damage to homes.

All buildings are prone to water leaks: water leaks in the toilets, drip from a tap, defective piping,… And this is even more damaging when a water leak occurs in an apartment and causes damage in the surrounding apartments: water infiltration into ceilings and walls, deterioration of wooden floors, deterioration of electrical installations etc. When the building is managed by a trustee, the costs are often shared between the different owners. You could then, without knowing it, be paying for water leaks from your neighbours.

Shayp makes it possible to avoid this type of neighbourhood conflict in small or large condominiums. Installing Shayp on the main water meter and on the flow meters, is a non-invasive solution and thus avoids tensions and over-consumption of water in a building. This will ensure that the co-ownership is managed in a fair and sustainable manner.

Social housing & Public social services centres

Blue gold is well named: the price of water will continue to rise in the coming years. Its cost has already tripled in 10 years!

Yet water is a primary need. Water has become a fundamental and indispensable comfort in our daily activities (drinking, washing, cleaning, watering,…). And this comfort comes at a cost. For low-income households, an undetected or late detected water leak can be fatal.

Shayp’s app not only monitors water consumption in social housing buildings & CPASs but also detects water leaks in real time. The maintenance or plumber service will be notified by SMS of the leak and will be able to take the necessary measures to eliminate water leaks in the buildings concerned. For the installation, it is therefore advisable to place a Shayp box at the level of the main water meter and the flow meters in order to have a precise view on the different consumption per dwelling.

Temporary housing

Renting your property sporadically or continuously is your hobby, and you want to be kept informed of your tenants’ water consumption as well as being informed if they have not turned off a tap properly when leaving?
With Shayp, you will have peace of mind when you rent your property, for a weekend or for a longer period. You will be notified by SMS as soon as there are any small water leaks.