Shayp's Eco-system


More than just a monitoring tool, we've created an eco-system. Our intelligent algorithm offers to the whole value chain a tool to bring value to everyone. We're connecting the dots and providing deep analysed data to the stakeholders of the water supply (the owner, the plumber the water company and the insurance)


Polly is our state of the art piece of technology that will be your partner in water for the coming years. He's cute, accurate and more importantly, easy to use. You can install it by yourself in less than 2 minutes and there you go, for more than 10 years.

In case that you have a complex installation with multiple water meters and you're suspecting leaks to be located in different places, our technology allows you to measure precisely where the water has leaked and what type of leak we're talking about. Our goal is to help you to fix the leak as fast as possible in a cost efficient way.

Intelligent algorithms

In order to offer you the best possible service, we are monitoring the water consumption with great precision 24/7. We have around 240 data points per day which makes us the most pecise device on the market. Our device is made to last over 10 years of batery life wich allows you to leave it there and relax. You're safe!

Dashboard & real time insights

Thanks to our API and dashboard tools, dig deeper in your real-time water consumption. Get highly detailed information of where which consumption is coming from. Find out precisely the origin of a leak and assess results when the maintenance services work on your water infrastructure.

Alerts & communication

Once an anomaly is detected we alert you in real time. Our technology allows us to detect a leak in less than 1 hour in most cases. Of course, we're fully compatible with your prefered technology, no need to have a high-end smartphone, we can do SMS as well as other channels to make sure you're alerted the right way.

Maintenance & insurances

We are not leaving you alone in case of leak. We provide you with real time assistance. You can directly connect to maintenance and insurance services thanks to our direct partners that are there to help you with rapid assistance.

Customer-centric support

Our customer success team strives to offer you the best user experience. We are working with the "customer first" value in our DNA. Be certain that we value your feedback and take it into considerations.
If you face any issue with our technology or you need assistance for applying it to your own situation, please don't wait and contact us. We're here to help.