Our core values


We strive for a world where economy growth goes hand in hand with environment preservation and social development.


As a growing company one of our main driver is focus on the most important with a result driven approach.


As a team we believe the world is changing and we want to be actors in making it more resilient for future generations.


Alexandre McCormack Architectural Engineer from ULB is the managing director of Shayp. After working for several years in the real estate industry he has always wanted to optimize the way resources are used.

Zineddine Wakrim Embedded Software Engineer, chief technical officer. He is the perfect technical expert spending his whole night on developing a new prototype of device in the back of his garage.

Gregoire de Hemptinne IESE MBA & Software Engineer, working as chief of operations. He loves to put structure and write post-its all over the white board during brainstorming sessions.

Lina Yamani Customer success & Marketing. Passionate about telling stories that convey a message in a meanfull way, she care about our customer and makes sure that he's stays our first priority

Advisory board

Kris Mertens

Finance expert

Abdulrim Hashrim

Strategy expert

Roderick Lindner

Growth hacking expert


Join our growing team

At Shayp we have big visions and goals, and we’re here to make an impact with our work. We are focused and passionate, with a long-term goal of reduce world's wasted water by creating a new value chain between monitoring, insurances and prevention maintenance.

You are fluent in what you do. You join a small team of very talented people, so we trust you are up to a high-impact, fast-paced working environment with fewer meetings and more responsibilities.

We believe a small team of dedicated, passionate people can make something great, on a global scale.

Join the ride !