Everyday, 35% of distributed water is lost in homes, buildings and infrastructures.

With our technology installed in less than 5 minutes, Shayp instantly assesses water leaks in real-time and dispatches maintenance efficiently to drive down costs.

Shayp is a fully integrated service that helps building managers, homeowners and insurers eliminate leaks and related damages.

We keep properties safe and water bills under control. Since water is for life, it’s our responsibility to save it.


Simple road to success

Use cases

We have installed a full real estate portfolio for real estate companies. Among the benefits that directly stoud out:
  • Immediate assessment of the building
  • Qualitative and actionable insights for daily operations
  • ROI on the investment in less than 4 months
Thanks to preventive monitoring in buildings we're able to assess a leak in a building in less than 1h. furthermore, we will inform the home owner of the financial impacts related to this leak in order to get him sensibilized
  • Reduce damage risks associated to a leak due to rapid repair
  • Setup a prevention campaign to connect with your customers
  • Send monthly newsletters to your customers with advise on their consumption
More often than you think, small leakages appear without even you noticing. But on the long term, those small leakages are the one that you end up paying the high price:
  • A single drop by drop can quickly reach 4 L/hour (175 EUR / year)
  • A leaking toilet can quickly count up to 25L/hour (1100 EUR / year)
  • A burst pipe unnoticed can not only make water damage (2000 EUR on average) but also increase your water bill (45L/hour) (2000 EUR / year)
Open the path towards the digital transformation of your city by chosing Shayp. Our solution allows you to roll-out IoT enabled maintenance on all your water installations (buildings, fountains, lake, ...) and track it's status in real time
  • Use our dashboard to have permanent view on your city buildings
  • Deploy maintenance in a single click when necessary
  • Offer transparency and increase efficiency for your citizens

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About us

It all started after Alex encountered a leak in a kindergarten where children were becoming ill. He started to investigate and discovered that an important leakage happened just below the basement of the room where the children were playing. He saw that just by monitoring the water, we could very quickly discover such leakages and repair them early.

With the help of Zineddine and Greg, Alex designed and commercialized a state of the art piece of technology that is easy to install for every lay man and provides with a full featured solution for water management.

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